MC&A Summer Community Service 2013

On August 24, 2013, MC&A, Inc.’s Honolulu office participated in a community service project that was done in conjunction with our annual employee picnic on Oahu.

Partnering with us on this project was Malama Maunalua, a nonprofit organization focused on improving the ocean watershed area that spans from Portlock to Diamond Head on the east and south side of Oahu. This year’s project centered on Pulama Wai (Caring for our Cherished Waters), the focus of which seeks to reduce land based garbage, debris, silt and runoff into our oceans from our neighborhood canals, streams and channels.

Hawaii doesn’t filter or monitor the stream runoff water going into the ocean often allowing harmful chemicals and fertilizers, fine silt that chokes out algae, plastics and other non-biodegradable items to kill our reefs, marine life and plants. Our project this day was to clean the drainage channel located near Koko Head District Park. Spanning roughly 1.5 miles toward the Kuapa Pond, this concrete ditch was literally full of a ton of dirt, palm branches, marsh grasses, plant material and rubbish.

Over 50 MC&A Associates, bolstered by a volunteer force of 15 from Malama Maunalua set into the canal at 9:30am and worked until 11:30 am. The first team, using shovels and picks, broke up and uprooted weeds, plants, debris, grass and branches from the floor of the canal. The next team gathered piles of silt, dirt and runoff for removal by the next team. The cleanup team followed both of these teams and put all the dirt and debris into garbage bags for removal from the canal. In the end we were able to clean roughly 1.25 miles of this 1.5 mile canal.

In the end, when all was put into trash bags and collected, we were able to fill 66 bags full of rubbish, dirt and debris, amounting to roughly 1,650 pounds of debris from the canal. In addition to this, was a mountain of trash that was pulled out of the canal and collected for disposal. On behalf of MC&A Inc. we also donated $1,000 to Malama Maunalua’s director Raye Decoito, which the organization will leverage to also gain roughly $13,000 in governmental grants.

It was really great to see our keiki and employees having a great time with each other. Special thanks to the members of our Employee Activity Committee team for the planning, coordination, sweat equity and going the extra mile to develop this meaningful community service project, and also create the best possible experience for all at the picnic.