Sea Salts of Hawaii – The Perfect Gourmet Gift

We are happy to now offer Sea Salts of Hawai‘i’s Gourmet Cooking Salts to our gift and amenity options. A variety of different seasoned salts are available.

The salts are harvested from salt farms in the Hawaiian Islands and from ancient deep sea waters offer the Kona Coast on the Island of Hawai‘i.

Traditionally, Hawaiian sea salt was used in ceremonial blessing of outgoing canoes and to preserve abundant catches. A tradition that carries on today. A gift of salt is considered a symbol of good luck and a blessing.

Some of the unique island salt blends include:
‘Alea- Red ‘Alea clay was traditionally added to Hawaiian sea salt to provide extra nutrition in the diets of the native people. Its fame has spread far from the islands and gourmet chefs use it to flavor the dishes of the world.
Kona – Pure sea-water evaporated by the warm Hawaiian sun, creates a seawater salt 33% lower in sodium than ordinary table salt. The clear and natural taste is prized by chefs of the seven seas and those who enjoy their cooking.
Uahi – Uahi is Hawaiian for the dark black smoke that rises from the coconut shell charcoal. The charcoal gives the alt its distinct color and antitoxin qualities. This black salt makes for a dramatic finish on fish and delicate foods and salads.